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Explore and break down your AWS costs to find out how to pay less.

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Unique and powerful visualizations

Break down costs by any dimension available in the Cost and Usage reports, including your own tags, to find all of the costs related to your application. Bezos Pesos lets you see beyond just the total cost of your application.

Find hidden costs and wasted resources

Bezos Pesos makes it easy to find things you didn't know you were paying for, and wasted resources. You can quickly find the optimizations that will give you the best returns on your time.

Actionable insights, for developers

The pricing of AWS services is complex, and every service has many cost dimensions. By seeing how our application costs break down into each of these we developers can take action and change our applications in a way that is not possible when only knowing how much we pay in total for EC2, or for S3.


Currently, all accounts are free, and when we're out of beta, you will be able to sign up through AWS Marketplace. Our pricing model is somewhat easier to understand than AWS:




Bezos Pesos is free if you spend less than $500/month on AWS.



per day

We believe that it should be cheap to optimize your costs!



per hour

If you need to, we can run the application for you in a private account in our organization.